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Public Media Storytelling Lab


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Monday, April 27, PBS and the Columbia School of Journalism’s "Learn, Do, Share" project are kicking off a day-long workshop on storytelling, geared especially for Detroit audiences.

What is storytelling today? What does storytelling mean for public media? What does it mean for communities, cultures and subcultures? For education, government, business? 

A working group at the PBS Kansas City Regional Meeting put forth the idea of creating a storytelling lab to nurture 21st Century story design in public broadcasting — How to tell new stories in new and unexpected ways.

Last month, a group met in Nashville to kick off of a series of these labs to take place. The second lab will be held in Detroit, on the eve of the Detroit Regional Meeting.

Please join PBS and Detroit Public Television station leaders, innovators, content producers and community network leaders as we explore the current and future landscape of digital storytelling.

The lab, conducted in partnership with the Columbia Journalism School Storytelling Lab, builds on a diverse range of creative and research practices originating in fields from the arts, humanities and technology, focusing on the power of a good story.

Technology has always shaped the ways in which stories are found and told. In modern times, for example, the mass democratization of creative tools -- code, data and algorithms -- have changed the relationship between creator and audience. The Detroit Storytelling Lab is designed as a place for learning, speculation, creativity, and collaboration between public media makers and technologists as well as external experts and thinkers. We want a diverse crowd to help us shape the modern story. 

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