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PBS Online Film Festival 2018

It is once again time for the 2018 PBS Online Film Festival, this year the film festival will take place over a two week period from July 16th through July 27th. In collaboration with member stations PBS seeks to promote great independent short films by leveraging all of its digital and social platforms. The ultimate goal of the festival is to win over new audiences while promoting short films that traditionally would not be seen on broadcast television. Like last year, this year’s People’s Choice winner will be measured by social media engagement.

DPTV Online Film Festival 2018 Finalists


The Book Club

"The Book Club" is, at heart, a love story. But it carries a deeper message, about staying true to yourself.

Director: Tobias LaMontagne / Producer: Tobias LaMontagne, Ray LaMontagne

About the Filmmaker

TobiasTobias LaMontagne is a musician and award-winning filmmaker. His Stop Motion animated short film The List was shown at the 2017 Scout Film Festival and received Grand Prize and Audience Favorite award at the 2015 Ashfield Film Festival. His sequel to The List, the Stop Motion animated short The Book Club received Grand Prize and Audience Favorite award at the 2017 Ashfield Film Festival. He has garnered accolades from The International Youth Silent Film Festival where his film The Blue Box, made with filmmakers Annie Matica and Elias Konturas for their company Vast Walk Films, was a finalist. LaMontagne is also the owner of Zap!Film LLC, a video and media production company. LaMontagne also writes and performs original music with his band Parlicium. They have performed at the Green River Festival, Three County Fair, Ashfield Fall Festival, Goshen Rocks, The Valley Sessions and BrattRock, among others. He lives in western Massachusetts with his family.

DPTV Online Film Festival 2018 Finalist


Hungry for Love

Two down-and-out foodies meet for the first time and embark on an all night dining adventure through Sapporo, Japan in search of self-acceptance and love.

Director: Justin Ambrosino / Producer: Soojin Chung


About the Filmmaker

Justin3  Justin Ambrosino is a graduate of the American Film Institute, New York Foundation of the Arts Fellow, Sapporo Artist-in-Residence and a Kyoto Filmmaker Lab Fellow. As a writer-director-producer, Ambrosino’s highlights include the short film, “The 8th Samurai”, which qualified for the Oscars in 2009, "Hungry for Love", shot in Japan, which won the Grand Prix at the Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival in 2016, presented by president Jean Paul Gaultier, and his current short film, "First Samurai in New York", which is touring festivals worldwide in 2018. Ambrosino has also volunteered at the Ghetto Film School in the Bronx as well as the AFI / White House Student Film Festival as a mentor.

"Periphery" DPTV Online Film Festival 2017 Submission Finalist

Last year DPTV submitted six films for consideration, and "Periphery" from filmmaker John Barber IV was chosen to represent the Detroit market in the sixth annual PBS Online Film Festival.


"Periphery" is the story of a young woman struggling to get by, deciding to take a chance and help someone less fortunate. Through her journey, she discovers her new friend may hold the key to a new way of thinking.

Director: John Barber IV / Producer: Ferris State University

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