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Veterans Programs & Resources

Check out these programs around veterans airing on Detroit Public TV:


November 4th

10pm - Pearl Harbor: Into The Arizona: On the eve of the 75th anniversary, join the first expedition to explore inside the USS Arizona since the date that will live in infamy, as state-of-the-art imaging technology reveals the aftermath and incredible story of the Pearl Harbor attack.

11pm - Pearl Harbor: USS Oklahoma - The Final Story: Explore what happened to the USS Oklahoma, the only battleship to capsize during the Pearl Harbor attack. Examine new details about what may have caused the ship to overturn and hear stories from Oklahoma survivors and families of those lost.


November 11th

9pm - The Warrior Tradition:  Learn the heartbreaking, inspiring and largely untold story of Native Americans in the United States military. This film relates the stories of Native American warriors from their own points of view -- stories of service, pain, courage and fear.

10pm - Military Family Documentary: When Time Stands Still:  For 17 years, our country has engaged in a war most people have now forgotten. Yet, we still have troops deployed... Filmmaker and Iraq War Veteran Spouse Elena Miliaresis travels to Twentynine Palms, a Marine Corps base in the Mojave Desert, to meet two wives on the eve of their husbands' deployment to Iraq with 3rd Battalion 7th Marines. Over six years, "Military Family Documentary: While Time Stands Still" follows their journey revealing how they find the resilience to survive and grow stronger than they ever thought possible. 

11pm - The Registry (Local): Two World War II veterans who are best friends yet never actual met, join forces to learn more about the mysterious US Army’s Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in which they were both a part of during the war. Follow them on their journey to find out what happened to the unit’s over 7,000 soldiers.


November 12th

11pm - Independent Lens: The Interpreters: Meet some of the more than 50,000 interpreters who helped protect U.S.troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, now struggling for safety in the aftermath of war.



Ken Burns on the film, "The Vietnam War"


Producers Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein discuss "The Vietnam War"


Dave Schoenherr | The Vietnam War


Veterans Stories of Services


Veterans Hiring 101 


Michigan Veterans Hiring Summit


Mackinac Policy Conference Veterans Showcase


2013 Governor's Summit on Veterans


Michigan Veterans Stories 2014


A Salute to Veterans


Michigan Veterans Foundation | American Black Journal


Detroit Performs Clip: Veterans Model Project


Veterans Art | Detroit Performs Full Episode

 A special edition honoring our war heroes.


Veterans Entering the Workforce: An Economic Advantage to Michigan


Detroit Performs Clip | Best of Season 2 - Veterans Service Project


WTVS Veteran's Weekend Membership Appeal


Detroit Performs Clip: Soldiers' Stories


Healthy Piquette Program | American Black Journal Clip

The “Healthy Piquette” program, a partnership between Southwest Solutions and the Detroit Medical Center Foundation, teaches formerly homeless veterans how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Veterans Resources

Michigan Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs

Working to provide quality services to Michigan's 700,000 veterans.


Sesame Street for Military Families

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Areas of Expertise: Family Support 

Download a list of Veterans Courts in Michigan.

Veterans Programming on DPTV is sponsored in part by

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