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Veterans Programs & Resources

Check out Veteran's Day programming airing on Detroit Public Television:

Wednesday, November 7

9pm - NOVA: Last B-24: Dive to the bottom of the Adriatic Sea in search of the Tulsamerican, a B-24 bomber that crashed off the coast of Croatia during World War II. In 2010, divers located the plane. Now the Department of Defense, aided by the Croatian Navy and some of the world’s leading underwater archaeologists, sets to work investigating the wreckage.


Thursday, November 8

9pm - D-Day 360: This program charts the vital statistics behind D-Day. It asks what it took to launch the greatest invasion in history. The film examines the numbers behind the operation taking in everything from strategy to logistics; probability analysis to operational decisions. 

10pm - The Ghost Army: This program tells the true story of American G.I.s -- many of whom would go on to have illustrious careers in art, design and fashion -- who tricked the enemy with rubber tanks, sound effects and visual illusions during the World War II. This documentary features interviews with 19 Ghost Army veterans, as well as retired general Wesley Clark and other military historians.

11pm - D-Day: Over Normandy: The documentary shows some of the most spectacular scenes of the landing beaches viewers some of the most iconic locations in Normandy from D-Day captured by one of France's top aerial drone camera companies films viewers have ever seen. Combined with archival footage from June 6, 1944.


Monday, November 12

9pm - The Registry (local): When the United States military needed help defeating Japan in WWII, they called on second-generation Japanese-Americans (the “Nisei”) from the internment camps to serve in a confidential unit called the Military Intelligence Service. The MIS was composed of translators, interpreters, interrogators and even men on the frontlines. One member, Roy Matsumoto, was lauded for sabotaging the Japanese with false orders in his family’s language. The group of 6,000 Japanese-Americans is credited for shortening the Pacific War by two whole years. Despite the heavy responsibility given to these men, their families were left imprisoned.

10pm - Michigan: Our Vietnam Generation (local): The documentary focuses on the struggles experienced by Michigan Vietnam veterans who received a much different homecoming than other generations. Depicted will be some veterans who were able to become successful business and community leaders, and others who still suffer from haunting memories or wounds.

11pm - Pearl Harbor: USS Oklahoma -The Final Story: Explore what happened to the USS Oklahoma, the only battleship to capsize during the Pearl Harbor attack. Examine new details about what may have caused the ship to overturn and hear stories from Oklahoma survivors and families of those lost.

Veterans' Stories


Ken Burns on the film, "The Vietnam War"


Producers Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein discuss "The Vietnam War"


Michigan Vietnam Traveling War Memorial Interviews


Veterans Stories of Services


Veterans Hiring 101 


Michigan Veterans Hiring Summit


Mackinac Policy Conference Veterans Showcase


2013 Governor's Summit on Veterans


Michigan Veterans Stories 2014


A Salute to Veterans


Michigan Veterans Foundation | American Black Journal


Detroit Performs Clip: Veterans Model Project


Veterans Art | Detroit Performs Full Episode

 A special edition honoring our war heroes.


Veterans Entering the Workforce: An Economic Advantage to Michigan


Detroit Performs Clip | Best of Season 2 - Veterans Service Project


WTVS Veteran's Weekend Membership Appeal


Detroit Performs Clip: Soldiers' Stories


Healthy Piquette Program | American Black Journal Clip

The “Healthy Piquette” program, a partnership between Southwest Solutions and the Detroit Medical Center Foundation, teaches formerly homeless veterans how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Veterans Resources

Michigan Department of Military and Veteran's Affairs

Working to provide quality services to Michigan's 700,000 veterans.

Sesame Street for Military Families

View the App Android or iPhone
Areas of Expertise: Family Support 

Download a list of Veterans Courts in Michigan.


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