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Leaders on Leadership

Image - lollogo.jpgAre leaders born, or are they made? The "craft of leadership" is explored in revealing interviews with chief executives from all sectors in: Leaders on Leadership.


About Leaders on Leadership

lollogo.jpg Each half-hour edition, hosted by Larry Fobes, sought to expose the character, drive, and ambition of individuals renowned for their leadership in guiding local, national, and international organizations.

Leaders on Leadership explored leaders from a wide range of global organizations that share their leadership experiences and insights with a studio audience of students, and broadcast viewers in selected markets of the US, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and coast-to-coast Canada. The program also larryfobes.jpg sought to expose the character, drive and ambition of individuals renowned for their leadership in guiding local, national and international organizations. The program emphasized the personal side of leadership.

Larry Fobes is Director of the Wayne State University, School of Business Administration’s "Institute for Organizational & Industrial Competitiveness (IOIC)". He created, hosted, and co-produced the Emmy award winning television series with DPTV. His corporate experience includes 30 years of service at Ford Motor Company in product design, scientific research, operational finance, and global business strategy. Larry built and led a globally dispersed team supporting 150 national markets on 5 continents for 8 Ford corporate brands.

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Leaders on Leadership is a co-production of Detroit Public Television and the Institute for Organizational & Industrial Competitiveness - Wayne State University School of Business Administration, and is brought to you by Greenleaf Trust.

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