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American Black Journal, 2017 Episode List


Episode 4606: ​Hate Crimes Spike in Michigan / Hugs Not Bullets

New FBI statistics show that hate crimes reported to police spiked last year in Michigan.  Stephen talks with the head of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights about this disturbing trend. Original air date: 12/17/17.


Episode 4605: Motor City Re-Store / Mend on the Move

The first round of matching grants in the new Motor City Re-Store program has been announced. More than 40 Detroit business owners will get financial assistance to make exterior improvements to their businesses. Original air date: 12/10/17. 


Episode 4604: Spirit of Giving Awards / International Blues Challenge

 A Detroit non-profit organization honors unsung heroes for their commitment to children, families and senior citizens. We'll get details on the "Spirit of Giving" awards gala given by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Original air date: 12/3/17.


Episode 4603: Hope Starts Here / Black Male Teachers

An early childhood initiative, "Hope Starts Here," led by The Kresge Foundation and W.K. Kellogg Foundation reaches an important milestone in its mission to make Detroit a city that puts young children and families first. Original air date: 11/26/17.


American Black Journal Post-Election Roadshow

We’re on the road to talk about Detroit: Post-election. Two city council members join Stephen Henderson to give their perspectives on how the city is doing and their priorities for next year. Original air date: 11/19/17.


Episode 4602: Michigan Science Center / Apprenticeship Expo Show

The Michigan Science Center celebrates it's fifth birthday with an award-winning, international exhibition. We'll talk with the CEO about how the museum is inspiring and empowering children. Original air date: 11/12/17.


Episode 4601: Hudson-Webber Foundation / Detroit Doll Show

Hudson-Webber Foundation shifts its funding strategy to focus on quality jobs, affordable housing and safe, thriving neighborhoods. Original air date: 11/5/17.


Episode 4551: "I Dream Detroit" / Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A survey of women of color in Detroit shows that most don't feel included in the city's economic revival. We'll get details on the new groundbreaking report and talk with two women profiled in the study who are indeed bringing change to the city. Original air date: 10/22/17. 


Episode 4550: Michigan State Police Protest / W.I.S.D.O.M.

Local activists plan a rally at the Michigan State Police Headquarters in response to the death of a Black teen who was  shocked with a Taser by a state trooper and a controversial social media post by the MSP director. Original air date: 10/15/17. 


Episode 4549: Ford Resource & Engagement Center / Step Afrika!

Ford Motor Company expands its commitment to Detroit neighborhoods by opening its second Resource and Engagement Center in the city. We'll get details on the support services and cultural activities offered to residents through the center. Original air date: 10/8/17.


Episode 4548: Motown Mansion / Diversity & Venture Capital

One of Detroit's most famous private residences is having an estate sale and global auction. We'll talk with the homeowner who recently sold the Motown Mansion and is now selling memorabilia that she bought from the previous owner, Motown founder Berry Gordy. Original air date: 10/1/17. 


American Black Journal Roadshow: Education: Do we really care about our kids' education?

Detroit Public Television took our American Black Journal/One Detroit Roadshow to the Brightmoor neighborhood at City Covenant Church. Hosts Stephen Henderson and Christy McDonald explored the topic of Education in Detroit by asking the provocative question, “Do we really care about our kids’ education?” Original air date: 9/24/17.


Episode 4547: "Summer '67" / Mission City in Brightmoor / Dr. Nikolai Vitti - Chalkbeat Detroit Report

The historical society for the country's first Black owned and operated television station, WGPR, launches a series of screenings and talkbacks with filmmakers. The first documentary focuses on the lives lost during the 1967 Detroit rebellion. Original air date: 9/17/17.


Episode 4546: QLine / Hatch Detroit

After giving more than a half-million free rides over the summer, Detroit's new QLINE is now charging passengers. We'll find out what's new and improved about the streetcar system. Original air date: 9/10/17


Episode 4545: Hatred in America / "139 Square Miles" Report

After the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, how does the nation move forward? We'll have a frank conversation about hatred, racism and anger. Episode 4545. Original air date: 9/3/17. 


Episode 4544: 2017 Detroit Jazz Festival

The world's largest free jazz festival takes over downtown Detroit over the Labor Day weekend. We'll find out what's new, who's performing, and how the popular event benefits Detroit.  Episode 4544. Original air date: 8/27/17.


Episode 4543: Partner Morning Program / Trinity International Film Festival

 The call has gone out for 2,500 volunteers to mentor students in the Cornerstone Schools when classes resume next month.  Plus, independent filmmakers show off their culturally diverse works at a Detroit-based film festival in downtown Detroit. Eouside 4543. Original air date: 8/20/17.


Episode 4542: Minority-Owned Businesses / African World Festival

We take a look at the progress and challenges of minority-owned businesses during Detroit's revitalization.  Plus, a One Detroit report on a community advocate working to get water turned back on for residents behind on their water bills. Episode 4542. Original air date: 8/13/17


Episode 4541: Minority Donor Awareness Week / Detroit Revitalization Fellows

More than half of the people on organ donation waiting lists are people of color. We'll talk about efforts to increase the number of African American organ and tissue donors. Episode 4541. Original air date: 8/6/17. 


Episode 4540:  "Detroit" Movie / Inequality in Detroit / Minority Entrepreneurship

We analyze the new movie "Detroit" and how it portrays a terrifying chapter in the City's history. Plus, what impact will the film have on the national dialogue about race? Episode 4540. Original air date: 7/30/17.


American Black Journal Roadshow: Detroit 1967 and Today

On July 10th at the Joseph Walker Williams Center Stephen Henderson hosted a intimate conversation about the 50th Anniversary of the events of 1967. Original air date: 7/26/17. 


Episode 4539: Detroit 1967 Media Coverage / "AFTER/LIFE"

What effect did the mass media have on the 1967 Detroit rebellion? We'll get details on an upcoming event focusing on media coverage then and now.  Also, were the events of that turbulent summer a "riot" or a "rebellion"? Former Detroit police chief and deputy mayor Ike McKinnon and WSU professor Melba Boyd give their thoughts. Episode 4539. Original air date: 7/16/17.


Episode 4538: Men of Excellence Awards / Detroit 1967 Uprising Commemoration Event

The Michigan Chronicle celebrates a milestone anniversary for its Men of Excellence awards that honor the achievements of African American men. Episode 4538. Original air date: 7/9/17. 


Episode 4537: Hot Topics: President Trump & Police Shootings

As Donald Trump nears the 6-month mark of his presidency, we reconvene a special roundtable of guests to talk about his policies so far and the impact on minorities.  Epiaode 4537. Original air date: 7/2/17. 


Episode 4536:  Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti on DPSCD / Detroit 67: Perspectives

The new superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, talks with Stephen Henderson about his priorities for the district, teachers, academics and student enrollment. Episode 4536. Original air date: 6/25/17.


Episode 4535: “The Jackie Wilson Story” / Transition to Success

A new book tells the true life story of Detroit-born recording artist Jackie Wilson, as told through the eyes of his two adult children. Episode 4535. Original air date: 6/18/17.


Episode 4534: ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day / "Boys Turning 13"

ARISE Detroit! gets ready for its 11th annual Neighborhoods Day when thousands of people take part in activities across the city. We'll find out what's in store for this year. Plus, a new compilation of spoken word songs is aimed at helping young boys deal with the issues and challenges of adolescence. Episode 4534. Original air date: 6/11/17.


Episode 4533: Black Detroit: A People’s History of Self-Determination / Dream Deferred: Detroit, 1967

Award-winning author Herb Boyd joins Stephen to talk about his new book that documents the stories of African Americans in Detroit from the 1800s to the present day. Plus, a local production by the Matrix Theatre Company gives voice to the unique experiences and perspectives of Detroiters immediately following the 1967 civil disturbance. Original air date: 6/4/17. 


Episode 4532: Detroit Small Business Investment / Cinetopia Film Festival

 JPMorgan Chase invests more than $2.5 million in the development of small businesses in Detroit. We'll find out how the support will help small businesses open and expand in the city. Plus, some of the world's best films are coming to the Detroit-area next month. We'll get the details on what's on tap at this year's Cinetopia Film Festival. Original air date: 5/28/17. 


Episode 4531: National Foster Care Month / "Colors of Cancer Race 4 Resources"

May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize the importance of foster families who are giving tens of thousands of children and youth a safe living environment. Plus, a local non-profit is holding a 6K Run/Walk to raise funds for the every day financial struggles of cancer survivors and their families.  And, a One Detroit follow-up on the Pathways to Prison. Original air date: 5/21/17. 


Episode 4530: Financial Literacy for Detroiters/Construction Science Expo

We get details on a new financial literacy initiative designed to help Detroit residents, students and entrepreneurs better manage their money. Plus, Detroit students get a hands-on opportunity to explore the engineering and construction industries. And, One Detroit takes a look at renting versus home ownership in the city. Original air date: 5/14/17.


Episode 4529: Grow Detroit's Young Talent / Black History 101 Mobile Museum

8,000 young Detroiters will get valuable work readiness training and job experience this summer as part of the city's "Grow Detroit's Young Talent" program. We'll talk with a key partner, City Connect Detroit, and one of the employers hiring youth. Plus, a native Detroiter's traveling museum brings Black history to the community all year long. Original air date: 5/7/17. 


Episode 4528:  Motown the Musical / Human Trafficking

Legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy returns to Detroit for "Motown The Musical," the stage production about his storied life. We'll talk with Gordy and cast members from the musical. Plus, we'll learn about efforts to raise awareness about the growing crime of human trafficking.Original air date: 4/23/17. 


Episode 4527: The Intersection / Bookstock 2017

A year-long media project looking at the social and economic conditions that sparked the 1967 Detroit uprising is released as a book. We'll get details on this comprehensive look at Detroit 50 years ago and Detroit now. Plus, thousands of used books and media go on sale to raise money for a good cause. Original air date: 4/16/17.


Episode 4526: Research on Cancer Survivors / Small Business Workshop

Detroit is front and center in an unprecedented national study on African American cancer survivors. We'll talk with the lead researchers about what they hope to learn. Plus, we'll get details on a workshop that will provide valuable advice to entrepreneurs about how to sustain their businesses. And, the host of This Old House talks with Stephen Henderson about Detroit's revitalization and Stephen's own house rehab project.  Original air date: 4/9/17. 


Episode 4525: Detroit Public Schools Community District / Mass Incarceration

Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather is here to talk about the DPSCD programs and initiatives that took place during her tenure. and what's ahead for her after her contract expires this summer.  Plus, a special One Detroit report on mass incarceration in the United States and efforts to reduce the large prison population. Original air date: 3/30/17.


Episode 4524: 100 Years of Progress? / Grants for Detroit Community Leaders

We get details on a groundbreaking new project that will trace the progress of African Americans in Michigan from 1915 to the present. Plus, local community leaders receive financial support for training and professional development to help them grow and revitalize their neighborhoods. And, in our special look at the search for the American Dream, we meet a former Detroiter who seized the opportunity to save her mother's home in the city. Original air date: 3/26/17.


Episode 4523: Detroit School Closings / Economic Development in Detroit

The threat of more school closings in Detroit continues to be a hot button issue for educators, parents and students. We'll get the young people's perspective from students in the Neighborhood Service Organization's Youth Initiatives Project.  Plus, a local organization focuses on empowering residents to become self-reliant problem solvers who build up their own communities. And, Detroit Performs takes a look at a Detroit artist whose murals convey important social justice messages. Original air date: 3/19/17.


Episode 4522: Flint Water Crisis Report / Head Start Innovation Fund

A comprehensive report by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission indicates race played a role in the Flint water crisis. The head of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, Agustin Arbulu, joins Stephen to talk about the Commission's findings.  Plus, collaborative efforts are underway to give young children and their families an improved early childhood educational experience in Detroit and the tri-county area. Original air date: 3/12/17.


Episode 4521: Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit / Career Mastered Awards

The first female leader of Detroit's Council of Baptist Pastors shares her list of priorities for making Detroit a better place for residents and visitors.  Plus, we'll meet a group of women who are being recognized for mastering their careers. Original air date: 3/5/17.


Episode 4520: Wayne County Update / Closing the Gap Detroit

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans talks with Stephen about the financial health of the county and the status of Rock Ventures' proposal to build a new criminal justice complex in exchange for the county's unfinished jail site.  Plus, an organization that is helping first generation and low income students realize their dreams of going to college.  Original air date: 2/26/17. 


Episode 4519: Tuskegee Airmen / Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

The Tuskegee Airmen made history as the first black pilots in the U.S. Army Air Corps.  One of the original Tuskegee Airmen, 94-year-old Frederick Henry, Sr., talks with Stephen about how the unit helped pave the way for full integration of the U.S military.  Plus, a history lesson on how the first Greek letter fraternity for African Americans -- Alpha Phi Alpha -- was established.  Original air date: 2/19/17.


Episode 4518: "Married But Single Too" / Black History Month at the Wright

A star-studded lineup as we welcome the cast members of the new stage play "Married But Single Too," premiering in Detroit this week.   Plus, a look at Black History Month activities at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  Original air date: 2/12/17. 


Episode 4517: African-Americans Under a Trump Administration

A special roundtable discussion on the future for African-Americans and other minorities under a Trump administration; plus, we’ll talk about reactions to the possible closing of 24 Detroit Public Schools that are on the states list of consistently failing schools. Original air date: 1/29/17. 


Episode 4516: Ceasefire Detroit / Detroit Repertory Theatre

Law enforcement, church leaders and community groups team up to fight gun violence and gang crime in Detroit. Plus, a venerable neighborhood theatre in Detroit celebrates a milestone anniversary of entertaining audiences with thought-provoking productions.  Original air date: 1/22/17. 


Episode 4515: Men of Courage / 2016 NEIdeas Winners

Ford Motor Company encourages African-American men across the country to make the MLK holiday a Day of Action in the fight for economic and social change. Plus, we meet some of the small businesses that won last year's NEIdeas Challenge. Episode 4515. Original air date: 1/15/17.


Episode 4514: WGPR-TV Museum / Young Fathers Standing United (YFSU)

The historic achievements of the nation's first Black owned and operated television station are being celebrated in a new Detroit museum opening on Martin Luther King Day. Plus, a local non-profit expands its efforts to support and educate Detroit-area fathers on how to better engage with their children. Episode 4514. Original air date: 1/8/17.


Episode 4513: The Best of American Black Journal in 2016

Stephen looks back at some of his memorable guests and segments on the show in 2016. Episode 4513. Original air date: 1/1/17.

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