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American Black Journal, 2015 Episode List

Episode 4415: Coalition of Churches and Communities / MLK Day at the Wright

A new organization is connecting Detroit churches with local social service agencies in order to better meet the needs of residents. We’ll talk with the group’s founder and a couple of the community partners. Also, the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is the Charles H. Wright Museum’s biggest day in terms of attendance. We’ll hear about all of the exciting activities planned for children and adults. Episode 4415. Original air date: 1/17/15. 


Episode 4414: Black Lives Matter / Pray the Violence out of Detroit 

We devote the entire program to a frank discussion – and a search for answers – to the violence tearing apart the black community. From black-on-black crime to the lethal force used by police officers, we talk with community activists about what can be done to stop the violence and deaths. Plus, we talk with the members of a new women’s group who believe prayer is the answer to bringing peace to the community. Episode  4414. Original air date: 1/10/16


Episode 4413: The Best of American Black Journal in 2015

Host Stephen Henderson takes a look back at 2015 and revisits some of his favorite interviews, including Reverend Jesse Jackson, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin. Episode 4413. Original air date: 12/27/15. 


Episode 4412:  Wayne County Year in Review / Dave Bing RE:DREAM​

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans talks with Stephen Henderson about his first year in office. What were the challenges and the successes? Also, we’ll have a candid interview with former Mayor Dave Bing about the City of Detroit, politics and his term in office. Episode 4412. Original air date: 12/20/15. 


Episode 4411: Black Male Achievement

We devote our entire program to a conversation on the efforts to help young black males succeed academically and economically. We find out how Detroit measures up when it comes to creating opportunities for young black men. Plus, we learn about a program that promotes a college education instead of incarceration. Episode 4411. Original air date: 12/13/15. 


Episode 4410: Challenging Racism in Medicine / Remembering Ron Scott

A new report shows a steady decline in the number of African-American male applicants and students in medical school. The new President of the Henry Ford Health System is here to discuss that statistic and other challenges faced by blacks in the field of medicine. Plus, we remember former Detroit Black Journal producer and host Ron Scott with memories from a close friend and a look back at some of his show interviews. Episode 4410. Original air date: 12/6/15.


Episode 4409: Growth at Wayne State University / Warrendale Community

Dr. M. Roy Wilson, President of Wayne State University, discusses the changes and growth at Wayne State University. Plus, we take a look at Detroit’s Warrendale neighborhood. Episode 4409. Original air date: 11/29/15. 


Episode 4408: College Campus Racism Protests / ‘Black Out On The Avenue”

College students are protesting racism on campuses across the country, following the incidents at the University of Missouri that led to the resignation of top administrators. We’ll hear from the University of Michigan about its plan to get in front of the issue and address diversity and racial equity on campus. Plus, a local event that encourages shoppers to support black businesses in Detroit on Black Friday. Episode 4408. Original air date: 11/22/15.


Episode 4407: A Conversation with Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones

An in-depth conversation with Detroit’s new Fire Commissioner Eric Jones. We talk with him about what he sees as the most urgent needs for firefighters and emergency medical technicians, and get his thoughts on how to improve the Department. Episode 4407. Original air date: 11/15/15.


Episode 4406: Say & Play With Words” Initiative / Detroit PAL Programs

Statistics show that by age 4, low-income children are hearing 30-million fewer words than their peers in high-income families. Now, Detroit foundations are investing in a new program to increase the vocabulary and literacy skills in two Detroit neighborhoods. Plus, the Detroit Police Athletic League launches new programs that pair officers with inner-city kids on the baseball field and in the filed of photography. Episode 4406. Original air date: 11/8/15. 


Episode 4405: Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment / MCL Jasco

Enrollment opens November 1st for health coverage next year under the Affordable Care Act. Our panel of experts will provide the information you need to know to access affordable, quality healthcare. Plus, one of Detroit’s most successful minority entrepreneurs is here to talk about his journey and his commitment to hiring young people. Episode 4405. Original air date: 11/1/15. 


Episode 4404: African-American 490 Challenge / Live6 Alliance

A coalition of African-American women’s groups comes together to raise money to get more than 1,000 abandoned rape kits processed. We have details on this new campaign that’s bringing awareness to sexual assault. Plus, we have a special report on the Detroit neighborhood long known for its commercial corridor, and the new plans to revitalize the area. Episode 4404. Original air date: 10/25/15.


Episode 4403: BINGO & Bing Youth Institute / Ted Talbert Black Film Festival Scholarships

Former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is here to talk about the next phase of his mentoring program for young men of color in Detroit. We hear how the initiative has grown over the past year. Plus, aspiring young filmmakers will have a chance to follow in the footsteps of the late documentary producer Ted Talbert. We have details on a new scholarship program named in his honor. Episode 4403. Original air date: 10/18/15. 


Episode 4402: Rainbow PUSH Global Automotive Summit / The STEMinista Project

Are minority-owned companies getting a fair share in the automotive business? Rev. Jesse Jackson is here to talk about the Rainbow Push Coalition’s Annual Global Summit looking at the inclusion of minorities in the auto industry. Plus, the Michigan Science Center is gearing up to get girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math careers. Episode 4402. Original air date: 10/11/15. 


Episode 4401: Entrepreneur John W. Barfield / Mental Health Campaign

Entrepreneur John Barfield is here to discuss his rags-to-riches story as the founder of one of the nation’s largest black-owned businesses. We discuss the new documentary and book that chronicles his amazing journey. Plus, two local agencies team up in an effort to get rid of the stigma associated with mental health disorders, especially in the African-American community. Episode 4401. Original air date: 10/4/15. 


Episode 4343: My Brother’s Keeper in Detroit / Detroit Neighborhoods

Detroit’s efforts to support boys and young men of color in the community takes another step forward. We talk about the action plan to connect young men to Detroit’s new economy. Plus, we’ll get the latest on the city of Detroit’s strategies to stabilize and improve neighborhoods. We also take a special look at the city’s historic Conant Gardens area. Episode 4343. Original air date: 9/27/15. 


Episode 4342: MMSDC President / Men’s Empowerment Conference

We meet the new head of an organization that promotes the development of minority businesses and helps them secure contracts. Plus, a local church hosts a conference aimed at empowering men with the skills to succeed in life. And, we’ll meet an American Graduate Champion who’s helping young women transition from high school to college. Episode 4342. Original air date: 9/20/15. 


Epiosde 4341: HistoryMakers Back-to-School Day of Service / Teenage Sculptor Austen Brantley

Hundreds of African-American leaders across the country will go back to school on the last Friday of this month to encourage students to commit to finishing their education. The event is hosted by “The HistoryMakers,” the nation’s largest African-American oral history video archive. We’ll talk with three Detroit HistoryMakers who are participating. Plus, we’ll meet a teenage sculptor whose artwork is fast becoming the talk of the town. Episode 4341. Original air date: 9/13/15. 


Episode 4340: STEM Education / Detroit Head Start Learning Network

A Detroit high school is making a huge investment toward educating its students for the careers of the future. We talk about the commitment by U of D Jesuit High School and Academy to provide a quality education in science and technology for our next generation of leaders. Plus, we hear about expanded efforts to provide early childhood learning for low-income families in Detroit. Episode 4340. Original air date: 9/6/15. 


Episode 4339: 36th Annual Detroit Jazz Festival 

The world’s largest free jazz festival takes over Hart Plaza and Campus Martius over the Labor Day weekend. We devote our entire program to this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival, discussing the world-class lineup and the impact the Festival has on Detroit’s economy. Plus, we’re treated to an in-studio performance by a group of jazz musicians who came together to honor the late Marcus Belgrave. Episode 4339. Original air date: 8/30/15. 


Episode 4338: President Obama's 'My Brother's Keeper' / Remembering Julian Bond

President Obama's "My Brother's Keeper" initiative is working to knock down the barriers to success for boys and young men of color. American Black Journal hears about the efforts in Michigan to give young blacks and Hispanics the opportunity to realize their full potential. Plus, ABJ remembers the late civil rights icon Julian Bond with a look back at Stephen Henderson's interview with the former NAACP chairman during a Detroit visit in 2013. Episode 4338. Original air date: 8/23/15.


Episode 4337: Voting Rights Act 50th Anniversary / Chene Park 30th Anniversary

Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act, the struggle continues to make sure all African-Americans and Latinos have the right to vote. We talk about the new laws that are restricting access to the polls. Plus, it’s the entertainment venue that changed Detroit’s riverfront and was the vision of Mayor Coleman Young. We take a look at Chene Park, 30 years later. Episode 4337. Original air date: 8/16/15. 


Episode 4336: African World Festival / Remembering Mel Farr

Guest host Jennifer White talks with Njia Kai, Stephen Singleton, and Piper Carter about the upcoming African World Festival, which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Charles H. Wright African American Museum. We also take a look back at Stephen Henderson’s interview with the late Mel Farr. Plus, Ken Coleman takes a look back at African-American life in Detroit. Episode 4336. Original air date: 8/9/15. 


Episode 4335: Minority-Owned Businesses / Detroit Kitchen Connect

The concern over a shortage of minority-owned businesses in Detroit’s downtown and midtown districts. Plus, we get expert financial and marketing advice for small minority businesses. And we show you how food entrepreneurs are getting a helping hand from Eastern Market. Episode 4335. Original air date: 8/2/15. 


Episode 4334: National Medical Association Convention / Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority

We look at health, wellness and fitness in the black community. Nearly 7,000 health professionals are converging on Detroit for the National Medical Association’s Convention & Scientific Assembly, and they’ll focus on the health of minority populations. Plus, we talk about the importance of mental health awareness among African Americans. And, the State debuts an adventure center designed to encourage kids to play in the great Michigan outdoors. Episode 4334. Original air date: 7/26/15. 


Episode 4333: Detroit 1967 Project / Franklin-Wright Settlements, Inc. / N.S.O. Youth Initiative

Detroit Historical Society’s plans for a huge community project dedicated to the commemoration of the Detroit riots of 1967. Two organizations, Franklin-Wright Settlements, Inc. and the Neighborhood Service Organization’s Youth Project, help young people succeed. Episode 4333. Original air date: 7/19/15.


Episode 4332: Supporting Detroit’s Youth / BALL Foundation Camp / Racquet Up

The state of the black child in Detroit is at risk because of poverty and limited access to early childhood education and other services. We talk about efforts to improve the quality of life for young children and their families. Plus, we tell you about two local sports programs that are providing Detroit youth with a life-changing experience. Episode 4332. Original air date: 7/12/15.


Episode 4331: Forgotten Harvest 25th Anniversary / Child Author Eden Comer / Nick Cave Exhibit

We discuss Forgotten Harvest’s innovative approach to fight hunger and poverty. Plus, we meet a local girl who wrote her first book at the age of eleven. We also take a look at the unique work of artist Nick Cave. Episode 4331. Original air date: 7/5/15.


Episode 4330: The South Carolina Church Shootings

We devote the entire show to a frank discussion about hate crimes, civil rights, and gun laws. Episode 4330. Original air date: 6/28/15.


Episode 4329: Black Fatherhood:Reclaiming our Legacy / ARISE Detroit! Neighborhoods Day

A book that looks at the importance of fathers being present in their children's lives. Plus, we discuss the upcoming Arise Detroit Nieghborhoods Day. Episode 4329. Original air date: 6/21/15.


Episode 4328: Best of American Black Journal

On this special edition of American Black Journal, we take a look back at some of this year's memorable interviews. Episode 4328. Original air date: 6/10/15.


Episode 4327: A Conversation with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy

Host Stephen Henderson talks in-depth with Prosecutor Kym Worthy about the criminal cases she’s prosecuted, including the high-profile corruption trial of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Episode 4327. Original air date: 5/24/15.


Episode 4326: Reading Works / Ford Freedom Awards and Wright Museum

Reading Works, a non-profit organization working to improve adult literacy rates in metro Detroit, sets a huge goal for the year 2020. Plus, we’ll talk with the President of the Charles H. Wright Museum about its partnership with Ford and this year’s salute to African-American inventor Elijah McCoy. Episode 4326. Original air date: 5/17/15.


Episode 4325: Super Business Girl / McDonald's Inspiration Celebration Gospel Tour

Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur – 12-year-old Asia Newson – joins us to discuss her company, her latest business ventures, and how she is helping Detroit youth. Plus, McDonald’s kicks off a concert tour featuring a lineup of powerhouse gospel talent, all in an effort to raise awareness of a charity that helps local families. Episode 4325. Original air date: 5/10/15.


 Episode 4324:Baltimore Violence / Blacks & Cops / M-1 Rail Project

The city of Baltimore erupts in violence after the funeral for a black man who died while in police custody. We explore the troubling recurrence of black deaths at the hands of police by looking at law enforcement reform and advice for young blacks who are confronted by police. Plus, construction on the M-1 Rail Project in Detroit has kicked into high gear and we check on its progress. Episode 4234. Original air date: 5/3/15. Original air date: 5/3/15.


Episode 4323: Advice for Entrepreneurs / Children’s Literacy & Healthy Eating

Detroit is fast becoming a popular city for entrepreneurs to set up shop. With national small business week just around the corner, we’ll get some helpful advice on how entrepreneurs – especially minorities and women – can grow their businesses. Plus, we’ll tell you about a movement to improve literacy and healthy eating habits among Detroit’s children. Episode 4323. Original air date: 4/26/15.


Episode 4322:  President Lincoln’s Legacy / Emancipation Proclamation

As the nation mark’s the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, we talk with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Doris Kearns Goodwin about her book on Lincoln. We discuss the man behind the legacy, his strengths and weaknesses, and the significant role he had in this nation’s history. Plus, a look back at the historic Emancipation Proclamation that freed millions of slaves. Episode 4322. Original air date: 4/19/15.


Episode 4321: Jackets for Jobs / Diversity in Science Fiction

A non-profit organization that has helped put more than 15,000 people to work celebrates its 15th anniversary. Plus, we explore the relationship between science fiction and African-American culture. Episode 4321.


Episode 4320: Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence / Tribute to Viola Liuzzo

Stephen Henderson talks with Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence about her role as a Senior Whip. He also talks with Jocelyn Benson, the Dean of Wayne State University Law School, and Dean Robb, a civil rights attorney and activist about the college’s tribute to Viola Liuzzo. Episode 4320. Original air date: 3/29/15.


Episode 4319: Tavis Smiley on Detroit

The award-winning “Tavis Smiley” Show made a stop in Detroit. Guest host Jennifer White talked with Tavis Smiley about his experiences while taping in Detroit and we find out why he chose to place a national spotlight on the city. Episode 4319. Original air date: 3/29/15.


Episode 4318: George Shirley Firsts / African-American and Arab-American Women’s Dialogue

We conclude our month-long salute to African-American history in Detroit by talking with George Shirley, a man who has achieved many firsts in the field of music and broken down racial barriers in opera music. Also, black and Arab women are coming together for a frank dialogue about stereotypes and cultural barriers. Plus, Kim Trent joins us for important moments in Detroit’s black history. Episode 4318. Original air date: 2/22/15.


Episode 4317: First Black Female Judge on Wayne County Circuit Court / Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

We talk with the first African-American female judge of the Wayne County Circuit Court about her history-making election to the court. Kim Trent shares important moments in Detroit’s black history. Plus, LaNesha DeBardelaben, Paul A. Rogers, and Thornetta Davis join us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History. Episode 4317. Original air date: 2/15/15. 


Episode 4316: Stallworth Legacy / WGPR-TV62

Dr. Alma Stallworth, the first and only black woman to serve as chair of the powerful Public Utilities Committee, joins us to discuss her new memoir.  On September 29, 1075, WGPR-TV began broadcasting from a building on East Jefferson, becoming the first black-owned television station in the country. Plus, On This Day Detroit spotlights more important moments in Detroit’s black history. Episode 4316. Original air date: 2/8/15. 


Episode 4315: First Black Miss U.S.A. / McDonald’s Black History Art Contest

It was 25 years ago when Detroiter Carole Gist made history as the first African-American woman to win the Miss USA Pageant. She joins us to talk about that groundbreaking moment and her advice for young women hoping to follow in her footsteps. Plus, McDonald’s is calling on local high school students to show off their creativity. Episode 4315. Original air date: 2/1/15.


Episode 4314: Sphinx Con / Kiwanis Clubs Celebrate Centennial

The Detroit-based Sphinx Organization continues its efforts to bring more diversity to the performing arts – especially classical music. We talk about their upcoming national conference and the search for solutions. Plus, the Kiwanis Club, an international organization that serves children and communities, comes home to where it all started to celebrate its 100th anniversary. Episode 4314. Original air date: 1/25/15.


Episode 4313: National March for Justice / Heart Disease and African-American Women

Thousands converged on the nation’s capitol last month to march for justice and human rights, in light of the killings of unarmed black males. Our guest is a Detroiter who made the trip, and he shares his experiences. Plus, we have some life-saving information for African-American women, and a brand new segment of On This Day Detroit. Episode 4313. Original air date: 1/18/15.


Episode 4312: A Conversation with La June Montgomery Tabron

Our guest is a woman who's making history as the first African-American C.E.O. of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Episode 4312. Original air date: 1/11/15.


Episode 4311: A Conversation with Police Chief James Craig

A frank conversation about public safety in Detroit with Police Chief James Craig. Episode 4311. Original air date: 1/4/15.



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