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American Black Journal, 2013 Episode List

Episode 4144: Detroit Public Schools

What will it take to finally make DPS a world-class school system?  Detroit's superintendent, school board president and emergency financial manager will be here today to discuss, on American Black Journal. Episode 4144. Original air date: 1/6/13.


Episode 4145: Detroit Works Project

Stephen and guests discuss the Detroit Works Project, which is providing a new blueprint for the future of Detroit. Episode 4145. Original air date: 1/13/13.


Episode 4146: Auto Diversity / Digital Divide

How much progress has America made when it comes to diversity in the automotive industry? Plus, a local organization sets out to bridge the digital divide in Detroit. Episode 4146. Original air date: 1/20/13.


Episode 4147: Behind the Crime Statistics

We’ll take an in-depth look at the facts behind last year’s homicides in Detroit. Episode 4147. Original air date: 1/27/13.


Episode 4148: Rare Photo Exhibit / Sphinx Organization

We discuss a unique photo exhibition on the University of Michigan campus and, the Sphinx organization gets ready for its annual competition for talented young black and latino classical string musicians. Episode 4148. Original air date: 2/10/13.


Episode 4149: Delta Centennial / Rosa Parks

Host Stephen Henderson is joined by Dr. Beverly Gray and Kim Trent of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Episode 4149. Original air date: 2/15/13.


Episode 4150: Soul Food Special

Stephen Henderson explores African-American cuisine, joined by culinary experts. Episode 4150. Original air date: 2/24/13.


Episode 4151: NABS Scholarship Fund / The Cross & the Light

Stephen Henderson discusses the National Association of Black Suppliers' 25th anniversary. Episode 4151. Original air date: 3/24/13.


Episode 4152: Detroit One / DSA Symphony

Stephen Henderson and guests discuss Detroit and the DSA Symphony. Episode 4152. Original air date: 3/31/13.


Episode 4153: Michigan Women’s Foundation / Boys 2 Books

Stephen talks with the founder of  “Boys 2 Books” and the Michigan Women's Foundation. Episode 4153. Original air date: 4/7/13.


Episode 4154: Robin Givhan / Youth Voice

Stephen talks with  journalist, Robin Givhan, about the school to prison pipeline. Episode 4154. Original air date: 4/14/13.


Episode 4155: Detroit Area Agency on Aging / Restructuring Detroit

Stephen talks with the Detroit Area Agency on Aging about needs of the special needs of the elderly in the city. Episode 4155. Original air date: 4/21/13.


Episode 4156: Julie Dash / Negro Baseball League

Stephen talks with filmmaker Julie Dash and a former Negro League Baseball player. Episode 4256. Original air date: 4/28/13


Episode 4157: Lighthouse of Oakland County / Mosaic Youth Theatre

Stephen discusses poverty in our community and the re-opening of a historic high school. Episode 4157. Original air date: 5/5/13.


Episode 4158: Detroit History Book / NASP Awards

Stephen discusses a new book that chronicles events in Detroit’s history. Plus, we’ll talk to the National Association of Securities Professionals about their scholarship program. Episode 4158. Original air date: 5/12/13.


Episode 4159: Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation / Bal Africain

This week, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation and Bal Africain gala. Episode 4159. Original air date: 5/19/13.


Episode 4160: Walk to Freedom / Techno

The NAACP and UAW prepare to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Detroit's historical 1963 Walk to Freedom led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plus, what is the connection between techno music and Detroit? Episode 4160. Original air date: 5/26/13.


Episode 4161: Walk to Freedom / ARISE Detroit!

Stephen Henderson talks with a participant of the 1963 Walk to Freedom in Detroit. Plus, Detroiters make a difference by participating in Arise Detroit's Neighborhood Day. Episode 4161. Original air date: 6/23/13.


Episode 4162: Author William Middlebrooks / Behavior Workshop

"Dare to Be Extraordinary" author William Middlebrooks,  and the Ypsilanti nonprofit, "Behavior Workshop." Episode 4162. Original air date: 6/30/13.


Episode 4163: Healthy Eating / Black Male Health

We dedicate the entire show to an important topic in the African-American community: how to get healthy and stay fit. Episode 4163. Original air date: 7/7/13.


Episode 4166:Detroit Police Chief James Craig

We talk with Detroit Police Chief James Craig. Episode 4166. Original air date: 7/28/13.


Episode 4167: Detroit Public Schools EM Jack Martin

We talk with Detroit Public Schools' new Emergency Manager, Jack Martin. Episode 4167. Original air date: 8/4/13.


Episode 4168: Memories of March / Civil Rights Tour

Stephen sits down with two Detroiters who took part in the 1963 March on Washington. Episode 4168. Original air date: 8/25/13.


Episode 4201: Detroit Blight Authority / History Makers

The Detroit Blight Authority is highlighted. Plus two of Detroit's History Makers. Episode 4201. Original air date: 9/29/13.


Episode 4202: Youth Violence / MiVote.org

An in-depth discussion about youth violence in Detroit and other urban cities. Episode 4202. Original air date: 10/6/13.


Episode 4203: Restructuring Detroit’s Finances

An in-depth discussion about Detroit's financial situation. Episode 4203. Original air date: 10/13/13.


Episode 4204: Affordable Care Act and ProsperUS Detroit

This week on American Black Journal: The Affordable Care Act and ProsperUS Detroit. Episode 4204. Original air date: 10/20/13.


Episode 4205: Jim Crow Museum / Detroit City Coming Back

A frank discussion about racism, race relations, and racial stereotypes. Episode 4205. Original air date: 10/27/13.


Episode 4206:Detroit Future City

An in-depth discussion about the Detroit of the future. Episode 4206. Original air date: 11/3/13.


Episoe 4207: Obesity & African-American Women / Detroit Training Center

Health concerns for overweight women, and a local agency helps Detroiters find work. Episode 4207. Original air date: 11/10/13.


Episode 4208: Tuskegee Airmen / Freedom House

Steven talks with two Tuskegee Airmen; we highlight the work of local non-profit, Freedom House. Episode 4208. Original air date: 11/17/13.


Episode 4209: A Conversation with Kevyn Orr

An in-depth discussion with Detroit Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr. Episode 4209. Original air date: 11/24/13.



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