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Are you ready to go on an ArchiTrek adventure?

Did you know that when you look outside your window, chances are pretty good that everything you can see was designed to be that way? That’s architecture. It’s all around us. We see it. It keeps us warm or cool. It keeps us dry when it rains and it gives us light to see.  Architecture makes everybody’s lives better--that’s what’s so cool about it!

If you want to be an ArCadet, all you need to do is check out the videos above. Each one will give you ideas on how you can go on a hunt for interesting architecture in your own neighborhood. You can download any materials you need down below. And when you do find something neat, get your parent’s help to send us an email. Share your discoveries (#architreks) and maybe YOU can be a featured ArCadet on @DPTVKidsClubFacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Remember, you never know what cool things you might find hidden in the buildings, streets and parks right around you. Do some visual thinking and realize that it’s all by design!


Parents and Teachers:

ArchiTreks is based on the Michigan Architectural Foundation’s K-5 “Architecture – It’s Elementary!” curriculum. Additional free activities and lesson plans are available at



Download the shapes activity to print out.



Download the structures activity.



Download the landmarks activity.

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Michigan Architectural Foundation

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