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Be Humane - Stories

Be Humane | Stories


Learn more about the stories of some of the animals and places featured in our Be Humane messages, including Drifter the dog, SASHA Farms, and the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve.              


Drifter’s Story: drifterbig.jpg

A story of triumph versus tragedy, Drifter is a real four or five-year-old Pit Bull that wandered the streets of Corktown in Detroit until she was rescued by a former K-9 officer in the Detroit Police Department and his wife. Fortunately for Drifter, these two compassionate caregivers noticed her limp from across the street and sprung into action. With no way of knowing if Drifter was an aggressive, confused animal, these experienced and humane professionals used one of their other dogs and a sensitive approach to calm down the scared Drifter and managed to slip a leash around her neck. Drifter’s demeanor instantly changed, and, after being fed, she was taken to the vet’s office where the former officer’s wife worked. The doctor pointed out her many injuries, new and old, and explained how the lack of bite marks on her muzzle meant Drifter was a bait dog, a weakened opponent who can’t fight back because of tape over her muzzle. Drifter’s infections and broken bones were treated at the vet and the couple took her into their home.

It took some time and some care on the part of her new caregivers, but with the love and support of these humane heroes, Drifter has become a friend to the other dogs, cats, and pot bellied pigs she shares a home with and a loyal, loving, healthy companion.


The SASHA Farm Story:

sashachickens.jpg Located outside Manchester, Michigan, SASHA Farm is the Midwest’s largest farm animal sanctuary. At SASHA, not only do the mostly volunteer staff provide food and water, veterinary care and a roof over the animal’s heads, they also give the animal residents affection, social interaction with others of their own species, and a sense of security.

SASHA's founders, Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson, started saving animals a couple decades ago. Their first rescue dog was a female boarder collie/spaniel mix they called Sasha. Sasha was a wonderful canine companion, a true friend, who lived and loved for 17 years. In honor and in memory of this beloved dog, her caretakers chose to name their sanctuary "SASHA Farm." The name SASHA is also an acronym for the animal rescue operation - Sanctuary And Safe Haven for Animals. The sanctuary currently shelters over 200 animals, each with its own story to tell. They have come from unhappy circumstances, often mistreated or neglected, but now have a safe, permanent home at SASHA Farm.

If you would like to make a donation to SASHA, please visit their website at Donations made to SASHA Farm are tax deductible, and all donations are used to ensure good quality care for our animals, both now and into the future.


The Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve Story: deergirl.jpg

The Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve began educating and inspiring residents of Rochester, Michigan and beyond over thirty-five years ago. When local residents saw the potential of an “unusable” piece of land tucked in the midst of a developing subdivision, they knew there was something special along the banks of the Paint Creek. Today, through the efforts of these individuals, the government of the City of Rochester, and Rochester Community Schools, Dinosaur Hill has expanded to include formal education programs and school field trips. The unique geography of the preserve allows for a variety of habitats containing all kinds of mammals, birds, insects, and plant life. For more information about Dinosaur Hill, visit

Behind the Scenes Stories

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