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Dream On | Tsehaya Smith

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“I was at the point of the bailiff coming out...and then moving me out physically because I wouldn’t accept the $1,500 in cash for keys...
And all I kept thinking was, ‘I want my children, I want the grandchildren to remember that she [my mother] spent 50 years of her life working at Chrysler Corporation night shift to get this home.’”
--Tsehaya Smith

For dancer and choreographer, Tsehaya Smith, the American Dream was almost deferred by inherited debt.  Her career was thriving until her mother passed away and Tsehaya was left a house drowning in debt. Overwhelmed by the stress and fear from the financial burden, Tsehaya’s teeth and fair began to fall out. With the help of Detroit Eviction Defense, she found triumph in court by proving that the loan on the house had been illegally predatory. With the trouble behind her, Tsehaya has picked up where she left off—teaching dance to a new generation of dreamers. 

Interested in more about the State of the American Dream? Check out the broadcast premiere of Dream On this Friday, October 7th, at 10 P.M.

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