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Michigan Recount / Tax Breaks / Fake News

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Tonight on MiWeek:

  • MICHIGAN RECOUNT:  As the laborious recount of Michigan's presidential votes continues, state lawmakers make moves that would forceTea Party candidate Jill Stein to pay the entire cost.  The MiWeek team debates the constitutionality of this pending legislation.
  • TAX BREAKS: Billionaire business owner Dan Gilbert goes to Lansing seeking tax breaks for developers like himself who build on brownfield sites.  The MiWeek team discusses whether such incentives would be a good idea. 
  • FAKE NEWS:  The new fascination with fake news on the Internet blows up with a false story about Hillary Clinton. The MiWeek team talks about this trend of people believing everything they read online.
  • HEADLINES:  The MiWeek team takes a closer look at a few big headlines this week, including President-elect Donald Trump's appointment of native Detroiter Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD, and Trump's selection as TIME Magazine's Person of the Year.



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