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Water/Outdoor Safety, bike helmets, hydration…

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Summer is officially here! With its barbeques, pool parties, camping, and other outdoor adventures that Michiganders have been waiting for during months and months or cold, gray weather. It is easy to adopt that carefree summer spirit where the rules and regulations of our regular lives do not apply. We are encouraged to just go with the flow and fill our days with fun activities. 

But, in truth, summer and the adventures and activities that it brings may bring about even more concerns for safety and wellness for young children. Between pools and water activities, active pursuits like biking or skateboarding and even general outdoor safety issues like mosquitos, ticks, sunburns and heat stroke—summer offers its fair share of safety issues. So, how do you balance that summer fun and concern for safety—make a plan and be prepared. Pack a summer survival kit with water and snacks, sun gear (sunscreen, hats and sunglasses), bug spray, helmets and pads, and anything else you need to keep your family safe this summer. 

Infants and young children should be monitored at all times by an adult. Older children will have more independent play time, which is why it is so important that you make sure they not only know the rules, by why the rules are important –talk about why the rules exist. Making and sticking to these rules can help keep your whole family safe this summer.

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