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Using Technology Tools

Posted by Danielle Melching on

Screen time has become a daily part of most children’s life in today’s high tech world.  It is around us everywhere we go.  Young children are technological genius’, they know how to work a smart phone and tablet sometimes before they can speak.  Many young children have access to YouTube, Snapchat and the Facebook Messenger Kids App. It’s safe to say that advances in technology has forever changed the world we live in!

Screen time is the amount of time spent on any device or a screen, including cell phones, tablets, computers or televisions.  How much screen time is appropriate for young children? Michigan State University Extension has recommendations for screen time for young children, tips on limiting screen time and how too much screen time can negatively impact your child’s development to help make sure your child isn’t getting too much! 

Danielle Melching
Michigan State University Extension Program Instructor

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