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Transition to Summer/Summer Camps

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Summer is quickly approaching. But that final school bell doesn’t mean that learning is closed for the summer—in fact summer presents children with lots of opportunities to learn and explore in fun and concrete ways.

We often think of learning as something formal and very structured and that is certainly one way of learning, but informal learning is also valuable, productive and effective for children. Although kids might not even realize it, summer activities support learning too. Children are freer to get up, get moving and get learning.

During my summers growing up either at home, at camp or with a babysitter, I learned a lot about myself, had some memorable adventures and gained valuable skills. I gained confidence in myself when I worked all summer to pass the swimming test to be able to jump off the highest diving board. I learned how to make friends, work collaboratively and solve problems at summer camps. And I had plenty of freedom to explore my own interests and build on my skills—I had a lot of time to read and create on my own terms. And I had plenty of opportunities to try new things and do things that were outside of my comfort zone—to push myself and learn more about who I was.

Invest in your child’s education this summer by engaging them in opportunities for informal learning. Whether it’s through summer camps or time spent exploring at home—help children learn and grow this summer by getting them up and moving.  Now is the time to plan ahead for a smooth and successful summer with your children.

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Extension Educator

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