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What does it mean to be thankful? Thankfulness is more than just saying “thank you.”  Being thankful is about appreciating or being grateful for not only- what you have, but for what surrounds you; no matter how big or small. When I really take the time to think about what I am thankful for like the leaves changing colors, having food on the table or hot water to shower with and really appreciate them I have a more positive outlook on life.  It’s important to teach children what thankfulness is all throughout the year, not just in November or around the holidays.    

When parents and caregivers model thankfulness children will start to see the value and importance of what it really means to be thankful. This can be as simple as “thank you for hanging your coat up so the floor stays clean!”  Michigan State University Extension has ten tips to teach children thankfulness and even more ideas to help teach children the value of being thankful.

Danielle Melching
Early Childhood Program Instructor,
Michigan State University Extension

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