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Supporting Young Writers

Posted by Carrie Shrier on

“Mom! Look what I wrote!” New writers are so proud of their beginning attempts at writing. You might not be able to read it, but they know exactly what they wrote. My young children loved to sit beside me as I worked on meal plans or grocery shopping lists, carefully making short and long squiggles on each line, just like I did. These early writing experiences provide support to the later skill development of writing individual letters, usually not in size proportion, eventually writing letters in consistent sizes and space, and then finally writing legible words. Support your young writer by providing them with a variety of writing instruments such as markers, crayons, pencils and pens, and a variety of materials to write on, thin paper, heavy paper, cardboard, etc. Include writing into their play by providing receipts for pretend grocery store, or ticket books to little pretend police officers. Avoid the use of work sheets. Instead, include sensory experiences like writing in shaving cream, or on a tray filled with sand. Make an ABC’s at Home with Me literacy kit to support your child’s early literacy development. Click here to learn more about the development of early writing skills. And don’t forget, always keep early writing experiences positive and fun!

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