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Posted by Lea Vigi on

I have always been a good sleeper. As a baby, a child and even as an adult—I like my sleep. I’ve spent the last few years perfecting my sleep routine to get the most restful sleep possible. I’ve determined the best temperature, the ideal pillow arrangement, blanket weight and even the schedule of when I go to bed and when I wake up and I take those routines seriously. By sticking to these routines, most days I wake up refreshed and energized for a new day. On days when I don’t get good sleep, it impacts all areas of my life.

Not only is sleep a biological need, it has a wonderful restorative property. Sleep has this wonderful way of resetting your outlook, putting things in perspective. Restful sleep allows children to restart, recharge, grow and have all the energy they need to learn and play. And, while it may be more elusive to parents, it is so beneficial that they get good, restful sleep too. Parents who take care of themselves have the energy and outlook they need to invest in their children.

There are simple ways you can help ensure that every member of you family is well rested. Simple things like ending screen time 30-60 minutes before bedtime, avoid caffeine or sugar before bed, and establishing and sticking to a bedtime routine.  For those with infants, take time to look at the current safe sleep recommendations. For a happy and healthy family—invest in good rest! 

Rymanowicz_Kylie_2014[1].jpeg Kylie Rymanowicz, Extension Educator
Michigan State University Extension

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