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Penguins, Raptors, and Bats...OH MY!

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For three consecutive days, Detroit Public Television took inquisitive young minds on a Digital Adventure 360° Interactive Experience.


This digital effort took learners to three exciting metro-Detroit locations: the Polk Penguin Conservation Center at the Detroit Zoo, the raptor habitat at the Leslie Science & Nature Center in Ann Arbor, and the bat habitat at the Organization for Bat Conservation in Pontiac. Using 360° images and videos, digital learners could  experience a unique first-person perspective of animal habitats that was previously unavailable. And to make it even better, each 360° image contained "hotspots" that highlighted additional resources like podcasts, news articles, videos, and web activities.  By the end of this rich multimedia experience, students were able to explain how human behavior and climate change affects penguins, raptors, and bats.


Did you miss the opportunity to explore our digital adventures with our live expert panel? No worries, you can explore now! Before you begin your adventure, we suggest you watch our instructions. This really short video will give you some great tips for navigating the 360° environment. 



When you're ready to start, click the images below. Enjoy!

penguins 360.jpg  


bats 360.jpg




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