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PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

Posted by MiAmerican Graduate Editor on

Students participating in the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program with Detroit Public TV met for a celebratory event stephen-getting-ready-for-show.jpg at our Midtown Studio at Wayne State University.

The event kicked off with students arriving at the Midtown Studio for a taping of DPTV’s longest running show, American Black Journal followed by a Q&A with the show host Stephen Henderson, producer Daphne Hughes and crew.

Students from Fraser High School, Golightly Career and Technical School, and the Youth Neighborhood News Logan Network program enjoyed a tour of DPTV’s high definition mobile production truck before everyone settled back into their seats to view the reports the students worked hard to produce. Lastly, FRONTLINE’s “Middle School Moment” video was discussed along with the challenges that youth face regarding succeeding in school.

Student Testimonials

Going to see a PBS taping of The American Black Journal was a life changing experience in itself. Getting the opportunity to see what really goes on behind the scenes was very nice. We were able to learn straight from real videographers how each show is taped. I especially liked seeing a female technician behind the scenes doing the script work for the show. It made me proud and think about what I truly wanted to do with my life, because if she could do it, I could too. The reporters were friendly and answered our questions. –Kayla Jetton


I truly enjoyed visiting the Detroit Public TV studios inside the Maccabees building in Detroit. When I first arrived, I was welcomed by very helpful people. Even though everyone was preparing to tape a segment of American Black Journal with Stephen Henderson, they took the time out to answer my questions and direct me to where I needed to go. Although I wish I had been more concise with my word choicesduring the time they interviewed some of the PBS Student Reporting Lab reporters, I did enjoy the opportunity and thought they asked great questions. The entire experience was educational - watching the taping of an episode of a long-running PBS show, and the question and answer session - all of it was memorable. It was beneficial to watch videos produced by other students and being part of such an exclusive team of young journalists. –Moriah Partee, 17, YNN Logan Network Reporter



The other day I had the wonderful opportunity to attend PBS student news hour. The experience was like no other. With everything going on, on that busy day I did not know I would learn so much or receive the attention they gave us. It was already an honor to be a part of it seeing how I was a part of a select group. The best part was watching the taping of the Detroit Public TV show "American Black Journal ". After the showwas a Q&A with the staff and the host Stephen Henderson. Stephen Henderson is also the editorial editor for the Detroit Free Press. During this Q&A I ask Mr. Henderson "Does one job help him with the other?" His response was exactly what I was looking for; he stated that it was all about networking and connections. How he can use one connection at one job to help with a project at the other. Every seen a production truck? I got the chance to. It was a great experience and an overall very productive day. –DeVinnia Moore, 17, YNN Logan Network Reporter



My Experience with YNN so far has been fantastic. I attended the auto show and I am learning so much about camera and lighting from PBS producers and our producer. I felt like a real reporter covering the North American International Auto Show.  I have learned so much from our experience covering the high school dropout rate story for PBS. This program has helped me with my speaking skills and how to pay attention to facts and statistics that support our stories. I hope to continue to be part of YNN for a long time. –Kavel Mason, 14, YNN Logan Network Reporter




When I first got into video production, I thought I would be directing and making films like the Dark Knight Trilogy or Home Alone. Now, I see myself doing a youth broadcasting journalism program, quite literally. Even though I did not attend the PBS Student Reporting labs event at PBS studios in Detroit, I am still thrilled to be part of the team. YNN Logan Network is a youth broadcasting journalism and editing program that meets at Wayne State University. I have covered the North American International Auto Show and also helped produce our first PBS piece about illiteracy and dropout rates.  I have learned a lot about journalism, how to edit, how to interview and cover a story and how to do a voice over. I have been part of the YNN team for less than a year but I love it and find myself looking forward to each meeting and each event we cover. –Natalie Thomas, 16, YNN Logan Network Reporter

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